I am a big Benelli fan, but I have found them too short in the stock to fit properly and after speaking to Benelli dealers they all agreed that it was a problem. I did try and find a way to increase the length of my gun by searching online and in shops and there was nothing available
Because of this I decided to try and make something for my gun which would then be useful to other people.

My spacer is the result and I believe if you have found your gun too short , you will shoot better with the spacer fitted as I have , because when your gun fits you, you shoot better. The spacer is made of rubber and designed to have the same quality, look and feel as the other rubber parts on your Benelli.,

The spacer when fitted adds .6" or 16mm to the length and can be used with either the 1" or 1.3" butt pad, and is simple to fit and remove when needed. Early guns from approximately 2004 to 2014 had 13" stocks and with the 1" butt pad making it 14" can be increased to 14.6" length of pull or with the longer 1.3" butt pad they can be increased to 14.9" .
from about 2014 the stocks were increased to 13.5" and with the 1" butt pad they are 14.5" and can be increased to 15.1" , or with the bigger butt pad will go to 15.4" length of pull.

Please bear in mind when you increasing the stock length will put your face lower than before in relation to the guns rib ,and you will probably need to adjust your stock height with the shims as per the manual. This is because a shotgun shoots where you are looking down the rib.
If you raise the stock you shoot higher and lower the stock and you shoot lower. The best way to sort this out is shooting at pattern plates or paper targets to see where the gun shoots and adjust as needed.

To view the video showing fitting to my gun and close ups please copy and paste the link into the search bar.

UPDATE SEPT 21 Benelli is now selling some guns with a new style polypropyleyne butt pad. This pad is approx 2mm deeper internally than the earlier (better) gel ergonomic butt pad. This causes the new pad to bottom out on the inside of the spacer.
To fix this it takes about 5 minutes with a dremmel to remove the small amount of rubber from the inside of the spacer or buying a gel butt pad also solves the problem.